East Morgan Holdings Inc. Hires New President

New York, N.Y - East Morgan Holdings, Inc. (OTC: EMHI) is pleased to announce the hiring of Mr. R. Zachary Pagel as President of the Company. He is charged with the responsibility of strengthening the company’s operations, sales and marketing infrastructure as well as preparing a business plan, setting the direction and addressing the financial needs of the Company.


A military veteran, Mr. Pagel began with formal training in advanced electronics weapons systems and theory with the U.S. Navy. Following his honorable discharge from the USS John S. McCain in Pearl Harbor Hawaii, he consistently demonstrated high efficiency as a technology consultant and produced outstanding results with clients including Marconi Group, U.S. Postal Service, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, Delaware State Department of Health and Social Services, and Weston Solutions, Inc. as an intern with Pennsylvania House of Representatives with a background in GeoEnvironmental Science, Applied Physics and engineering. Mr. Pagel also worked with Pennsylvania Clean Air Board and drafted Anti-Idling legislation that reduces air emission contaminant PM 2.5, and is now state law.


Mr. Pagel joined Nutrient Control Systems, Inc. Through the 1980’s, environmental cleanup efforts focused on the industrial and municipal sectors. Nutrient Control Systems, Inc. parent of INTEGRITY Ag Systems was involved with helping clients within those sectors meet increasing stringent environmental regulations. When government efforts began focusing on concentrated animal operations in the 1990’s, it was a natural transition to begin working with the agriculture industry. INTEGRITY AG Systems was created to specialize in agriculture applications. A solid background in pollution control afforded insights into the complex problems facing producers. Worldwide research began yielding practical, cost effective-solutions. Mr. Pagel produced profitable and environmentally sustainable solutions for Integrity Ag Systems and was promoted to Director of Product and Business Development. Mr. Pagel served as technology expert for the Chesapeake Bay Commission’s Energy Summit in 2011. His experience there includes: Air Emission reduction, sustainable energy production, gas and oil production, carbon and nutrient trading, environmental law and regulation.


Mr. Pagel’s most recent employment was with Tiburon Associates Inc. as a Contract Administrator. Tiburon Associates, Inc.’s clients include the Departments of Army, Navy, Air Force and Defense as well as prominent private sector companies that include Northrop Grumman, Wyle Labs, SAIC etc. Tiburon is active in the Environmental Energy Industries.


EMHI will continue to support and cultivate ties with established agencies, groups, businesses and other interests that will benefit from its IFS Air Pollution-Control Technology. EMHI is conducting reviews of existing and potential business relationships that appear favorable and likely to result in timely, efficient and sustainable deployment of its products.

 Studies have proved that EMHI’s technology, when combined with powdered activated carbon, reduced mercury emissions. A full scale implementation of the technology was conducted at a cement plant in 2012. This combination of products reduced and remediated mercury emissions by 97% with no plant modifications. With modifications, testing consistently exceeded 98%, which is the lofty requirement proposed by the EPA and already required by many State Environmental Agencies.

Mr. Pagel’s business plan focuses on the implementation of environmental technologies for pollution point sources and the businesses that serve them. Prospective clients include the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Army Corp of Engineers, Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service and many prominent private companies.


About East Morgan Holding Inc.

The Company intends to focus its operations on pollution prevention from coal burning plants and on heavy metals contaminated products by making these products environmentally friendly (“Green”), once treated with the Company’s proprietary products.


The above transaction is subject to and contingent upon all Federal and State regulatory approvals. The foregoing discussion contains forward-looking statements, which are based on current expectations. Actual results, including the outcome of demonstration results, timing and amount of revenues recognized contracts awarded and performed and net income may differ due to such factors as: delays in payment on contracts due to specifications; economic and other conditions affecting the ability of prospective clients to finance projects; and other risks generally affecting the financing of projects. Investors are cautioned to perform a proper due diligence and consult-licensed professionals prior to making an investment decision.


Sam Tress