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Coal Fired Power Plants

coalEMHI’s Air Emissions Control Technology (AECT) was introduced to the consortium of members interested in the combustion of subbituminous coal. The Consortium, organized by the Energy and Environmental Research Center (EERC) consists of and is funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory. EERC conducted and has evaluated EMHI’s AECT technology, a cost effective mercury control technology for utility power plants emitting mercury.
The AECT core technology has been successfully proven in the treatment of
the mercury and
other heavy metals in contaminated soils, sludges and other solid waste streams. The overall objective of EERC was to identify, test and evaluate applicability of this and other innovative mercury control technologies to subbituminous coal-fired power plants. EMHI received the draft of the report from the testing. The final report was issued. As a result of the very positive and promising results from the pilot test of AECT, EMHI's technology has caught the attention of major energy conglomerates in the multi-billion dollar industry.

Two different bench scale tests were performed over a period of 60 days. Both tests were successful. AECT was able to consistently remove greater than 40% elemental mercury, with levels reaching as high as 52%. The Company subsequently performed on site testing at a working power plant resulting in a full report by Babcock-Wilcox Company who supervised the test. Babcock-Wilcox Company featured the technology at the International Conference on Air Quality VI, held at Arlington, VA. The event was organized by EERC and sponsored by, The Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Lab, and The Center for Air Toxic Metals, EPA, Electric Power Research Institute

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