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Applying the Technology



EMHI’s technologies include chemical systems for self-remediating batteries (SRB). The SRB chemistry converts the lead into a complex sulfide compound that makes the lead inert thereby removing the potential for generation of a hazardous waste while preventing migration or leaching of the lead waste. There are many different types of batteries that exist in the marketplace. There are two main SRB delivery systems for all these types of batteries:

Tablet and Wrapper.

The SRB tablet works by incorporating them into the inner casing of an automotive battery. The tablet resides in the bottom of the casing and is sufficient to treat all the lead acid that is stored within the battery. If the battery should breach or rupture, the acid reacts with the plastic wax coating that protected the SRB chemicals enabling them to activate. In addition to acids, other conditions that can be used to activate the chemical reagents are: exposure to water, light, pressure, pH change or the passage of time (natural oxidation).

The SRB wrapper acts as a cover to the cells of NI-Cad batteries. The wrapper is impregnated with the SRB reagents. The wrapper has a similar plastic or wax coating that protects the integrity and potency of the chemicals. If one or all of the individual cells should rupture or breach, the Ni-Cad paste will come into contact with the wrapper. The coating will wear away and the chemical will react and successfully treat the nickel and cadmium. While the delivery method differs, the chemistry and mechanics are quite similar among battery types. The SRBs can be recycled and are environmentally safe in the event the batteries are improperly discarded.



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