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Patented Air Emissions Control Technology
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EMHI is a leading provider of environmental technologies for the remediation and prevention of heavy metals contamination in soils, sludges, ashes, and flue gases.

The foundation of the company is its patented Air Emissions Control Technology (AECT). EMHI is committed to providing long term, cost effective, permanent solutions to mercury contaminated flue gases through the injection of its chemical reagent into existing scrubbers utilized by coal burning energy and manufacturing plants. Tests have shown that AECT works as a stand alone treatment technology or it can be added in a supplementary role to activated carbon to significantly improve its removal efficiency.

The AECT process has been tested on the benchscale, pilot scale, and full scale levels. All of the testing to date has shown that AECT works effectively on both ionic and elemental forms of mercury. In 2012, the technology was successfully tested in a cement plant confirming the beliefs of EMHI management that the AECT process can work in any plant environment to remove heavy metals from flue gas emissions.

This business plan focuses on the implementation of environmental technologies for pollution point sources and the businesses that serve them. Prospective clients include the Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission the Department of Defense, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Army Corp of Engineers, Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service and many prominent private companies.

Coal power plant with chimney and cooling towers

When was this developed?
The Air Emissions Control Technology was developed in the late 1990's and patented in the mid 2000's.

Has AECT been tested in the real world?
The AECT process has been tested many times from the bench scale to full scale level. The Energy Environmental Research Center (EERC) were the hosts of one of the first testing programs involving the use of the AECT process. Since then it has been tested by other companies and power plants.

coal stacks

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